Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More About Words

More About Words
by Scott Bradley

It might not surprise you that I frequently ask myself why I write these posts, if for no other reason than I've probably considered this very thing in these post more than once. I apologize for being repetitive; I've written so many I forget what I've previously said.

I think I've been here before, yet perhaps there is something more to be said.

Writing helps to evolve my thinking. This is a positive reason to write. But thinking is not the 'goal', so if that is all it does, it is a rather futile exercise. Yet dismissing with 'goals', as we realize we must do, why not simply enjoy what gives us pleasure (and does no harm)?

There is, I believe, a helpful dialectic between thought and transcendent awareness, yet the one is not the other and each of necessity in some sense excludes the other. It needs be said too that thought is limiting and addictive whereas pure experience is boundless and free. This latter sounds like a greater pleasure still. So I would like that the thinking I do merely help me to realize what thinking can't know. But this is more easily thought than done.

You might have noticed I have thus far left you out of this picture. Yet I suppose that I also write believing I might somehow edify you. There certainly won't be any 'transmission' from me to you, for I honestly have nothing to transmit. But perhaps my thoughts might stimulate your own and you will find pleasure therein. Or perhaps, beyond all probability, you will realize unity from something I said, just as Bankei was awakened upon observing green phlegm crawling down a wall.

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