Sunday, October 30, 2011

Defusing the Self

Defusing the Self
by Ta-Wan

A part of the programming in being a human is this supposedly immovable fact that we are separate, live in a world and that it all matters. I'm not sure monkeys, pigs, dolphins or petunias have this.

With some people the circuit breaks. It can be a big life shift, it can be a dramatic event, an illness or just grating a carrot. After this they no longer feel the effects of the program. They do not feel separate, don't feel the world has problems or even that they live as such.

This can be deemed by an outsider as an awakening, the awakening, the realization. So the outsider may have questions.

The outsider asks: "What's it like?" "What must I do to reach this?" "What of the oppressed and the poor?"

And they don't like the answers which are: "Normal" "Peal carrots" "I don't know".

After all, it is not awakened people who make people poor or sell enlightenment; unawakened people do that. Awakened people do not think in self and other, good and bad, achieving anything, only on what is. Their mere being is reward. Feelings are felt and they go as they came, they do not give rise to doubt or action or disease as the circuit which said anything was separate to them has fused.

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  1. What is the sound of one pealing carrot?

    A koan for the copy editor!

  2. Turn your wit inwards and slice your loaf.


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