Saturday, October 29, 2011

Consciousness is the only known thing and the answer too

Consciousness is both the only certain thing we know and the answer we seek. Some call it Tao.
by Ta-Wan

No one is anything but consciousness. You may deny all you like but not being conscious.

Asleep you dream. In wake you dream? Or you see the concrete reality? You can't say either way.

Matter is provably empty space and so fits what we deem to be consciousness right now, it is natural though to see matter as solid, liquid or gas and to imagine it is made of parts. This view though is experimentally provable as not to be the case. It may be difficult, depending on how old or educated you define yourself as, to ever break free of the solid matter model. New generations will see matter as it is, immaterial.

The speed of light squared is perhaps the first very important thing we ever paid no attention to at school. We were told Energy equals Mass multiplied by the speed of light squared but we were too busy wondering what colour Yo-Yo we'd like from the shop. We never paid attention to it and never gave it another moments thought. We did though learn that we square things when talking of flat area. An area of space will be the size that light could travel in size per second. If this space contains large bodies then the flat area of space will be bent, lights path will be altered and the large body will roll about in the bent space. Light though did not travel at all. This was one seconds cognition done in and by the brain. The actual reality is unseen, we see only the minds interpretation of the data.

As the mind interprets data it builds a little past and a little forwards to give a more convincing model. In doing this it says light went A to B, light though did not travel or even exist, only information existed and was decoded as what you saw. Science insists on measuring the mind made illusion but then discounting consciousness as something which came about from this dead lump of flesh called the brain. This method is completely backwards akin to breaking open a TV set to steal a car on screen. So convinced by the mind model the mind can not make the leap and accept that the car was in a different place and time and may not even exist any more.

Our world view, though shifting, is fundamentally flawed and there are 3 paths to fixing it. We confuse ourselves with science, we accept and attempt to decipher what great masters have said years before us, or we discount all concepts and start again with intuition only - build from the only known fact, that we are conscious.

(I bet no one read this far.)

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  1. Well, I did!

    It's all about energy, probably another metasyntactic variable.

    My husband's graduating HS class chose ultraviolet and infrared as their class colors. My class, I recall, chose puce and mauve. Or maybe it was the other way around.


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