Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So Boring

Peace may be good for children and other living things, but it's boring for generals – especially politically ambitious ones – and bad for bomb manufacturers.
~ from Iraq Withdrawal? Don’t Take It to the Bank by Medea Benjamin and Charles Davis ~
When it gets right down to it, Benjamin and Davis have coyly identified the chief hurdle to peace. Not only is peace boring for a certain segment of any population, it is far less profitable!

Anytime there is war -- whether you call it that or not -- there are war profiteers. The people and corporations who profit from war don't want to see these enormous profits go away and so they beat the drum for more war. They invent phantoms and specters to fear. They talk up remote or nonexistent threats as if the nation could be crippled at any moment. They pressure government leaders by promising to withhold support -- monetary or otherwise -- if those leaders don't do their bidding.

This is as true for the United States as it is for any "terrorist" organization. You should know that, when hostilities breakout, some people are smiling big time. It means their money train has arrived at the station and they are loath to allow it to leave.

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