Saturday, July 30, 2011


by Scott Bradley

If all is mystery, where is there not a gateway into Mystery? What stone, turd, butterfly or tree does not invite our thankful surrender? What keyboard, jet or freeway roar cannot make us marvel at the human hive? What thought or feeling is not the expression of immediate Reality?

Gates are everywhere. Everywhere and everything is a gate. Some invite us more than others. What invites you may not invite me. But, like "Tao", there is nowhere they are not.

Gates to what? To transcendence, to thankfulness, to joy.

There are gates that simply speak to us of the wondrous Mystery of it all. The morning birdsong even now outside my window.

There are gates that would overturn our reified minds. That all is truly well. That all things are of equal worth. That there are no conditions to meet, for all is "Tao" expressed. That, hidden in All that is, nothing can be lost. That even now, there is nothing more you need to be.

The "gateless gate" is the gate that works for you. And it is indeed gateless for it yawns wide and inviting for the heart that can open to it.

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