Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Sea of Grass

A Sea of Grass
by Scott Bradley

I am about to break two rules. I am going to inflict my 'poetry' on you and, worse still, I am going to explain it! But before you scroll down and away, let me assure you, both will be brief.

Have you ever seen dried grass on a hillside rolled in waves by the wind? You see it a lot in northern California where I attempted to grow up.

There is something about the wind evocative of freedom. Gypsy wind -- it comes from we know not where and goes to the same.

But the grass, it must cling to the soil from which it arose. And yet these two, coming together in a grand synthesis, speak more of freedom than the wind alone could ever do. Without the grass there is no wind to see. And it is in the grass that I see the real freedom, tossed this way and that by forces beyond its control, but somehow in its yielding being just what it is meant to be.

This sea of grass,
Tossed by the wind —
What freedom!

There, that wasn't so bad, was it?

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