Monday, May 16, 2011

Most Read

This blog has been around since January 2005. To date, there are over 5,200 posts. I have found it interesting which of these many posts brings new folks to TRT.

Since the bread and butter focus is on philosophical Taoism, it would be nice if I could report to you that Taoist-themed posts do the trick. But alas, only 1 of the four most popular posts has anything to do with Taoism!!

While I don't keep meticulous data of the most frequently read items, I think I still have a good idea of the top 4.

The most read post BY FAR is Who Was Matt Hughes? This post was about one of the guys featured on the Storm Chasers television program. He committed suicide and I wrote about it in several posts.

The second most read post is entitled, Will You Kill for Me? Just like above, the subject matter (Charles Manson) dealt with something broadcast on TV along with my reaction to it and commentary.

Number three on the list is Looking for a Few Good Saps. It was the first of several posts about my odd experience and later research on an outfit named Linda Christas.

Rounding out the Top 4 is the only post of these that has anything to do with Taoism and I didn't even write it!! A Taoist Jesus was written by a fellow who went by the moniker, Disciple Dan. I first read and copied his wonderful essay from a website that later disappeared. I haven't been able to locate him since.

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