Thursday, April 28, 2011

Surrender in Trust

Surrender in Trust
by Scott Bradley

is the triumph of the heart.

Abide in Mystery.
Surrendered, open, empty.
Here fullness will arise.

We find ourselves here in this Universe without a clue as to why. We had no choice in our being here. We have no choice but to die. We are beings who crave certainty where no certainty can be found. How do we respond?

The answer of philosophical Daoism is, I believe, that we surrender in trust. We open our hearts and say: Yes, thank you, I entrust myself to-the-way-things-are. We affirm the human condition.

This is, for me, a wonderfully liberating experience. To utterly entrust oneself to the Is of Reality -- whatever that may be -- is to be free of fear of all loss. All is well.

Someone (BR) suggested that "surrender" sounds suspiciously like Islam. Certainly there are parallels. But Islam means 'submission' to the will of a personal, morally vengeful, revealed God with an agenda. We surrender into a Mystery beyond known attributes.

Surrender is not stoic resignation. It is affirmation, thankfulness, freedom and joy. It is like making love as an act of love. It is "sweet", indeed.

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  1. Me? I'm not so sure Sufis see their God as a "personal, morally vengeful, revealed God with an agenda." In fact, they use a lot of beautiful metaphors that are very much like "making love as an act of love" whatever that means.

  2. Athough it does appear that 21st century fundamentalists of both stripes (Christian and Islamic) do want us to surrender to their morally vengeful, revealed God with an agenda.


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