Thursday, March 24, 2011

Right and Wrong

Right and Wrong
by Scott Bradley

Here I go again...

The sense of right and wrong is a thoroughly human experience. It’s how we govern both our collective and individual selves. I will presume to say it is how we have evolved. Does this mean that we have to stay this way?

Early philosophical Taoists spoke of returning to the spontaneity of Nature — being like deer in the woods. But this is only metaphor, for this spontaneity in humanity would be a very different expression. Morality would be fulfilled and transcended as an external law. The need for a finger pointing morality would be obviated. Collectively, we would live like Laozi’s ideal village with little need for government. Individually, we would live without guilt.

But that’s utopian. So let’s not talk about ourselves as a species, but as individuals. Can you so utterly accept, trust, and affirm your own heart of hearts so as to fly from this cage? This is a transformative experience. It’s not about believing something. It defies explanation and debate. Forget others. Forget the world. Can you say Yes to you?

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