Friday, February 25, 2011

Tao Bible - Psalm 31:19

Oh how great is thy goodness, which thou hast laid up for them that fear thee; which thou hast wrought for them that trust in thee before the sons of men!
~ King James version ~

Tao neither is bad nor good. Tao exists at the center point between the two.
~ possible Taoist alternative ~
According to the writer, God is good to those who fear him.

Lacking desire, Tao neither strives for love nor hate, creation nor destruction, goodness nor evil. Tao merely is the process of existence itself -- the balance between being and nonbeing.

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  1. It is interesting that this author in the bible sees God doing as you say, "According to the writer, God is good to those who fear him". But if you go to another page in the bible you will hear another view of God:

    In that way, you will be acting as true children of your Father in heaven. For he gives his sunlight to both the evil and the good, and he sends rain on the just and the unjust alike. Mathew 5:45

  2. No question! The Bible is rife with different characterizations and multiple contradictions. These factors alone offer a strong reason NOT to read the Bible literally.

  3. Agreed. The bible should not be read in the literal sense. It is a magnificent book full of metaphors pointing like a finger at something other than the surface of things. When embraced with that in mind, one begins to see what the finger is pointing at. If someone is only looking at the literal in either a positive or a negative manner, that person is only seeing the finger and missing what it is pointing at. Start off from the beginning with that in mind. You have the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the tree of Life. Is there a Tao message there? When Paul the apostle said, "It is no longer I that live but Christ that lives through me". Is there a Tao message embedded within those words?


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