Friday, August 27, 2010

A Game Show I Would Watch (Religiously)

But where is Vanna White?


  1. Humorous, it put a smirk on my face...

    But, it misses the point that Christianity is not the Bible and the Bible is not Christianity. A person can easily ignore such discrepancies, but is still able to distill the message.

    Have we all read the Dao Te Ching? It TEACHES through contradiction.

    “The unmoved is the source of all movement.” (26)

    Albeit, there is substance to the contraction.

  2. Matt,
    There is a WIDE chasm of difference between the Bible and the TTC. Supposedly the Bible is the WORD of God; no divinity claim is made re the TTC at all.

    If you believe that "Christianity is not the Bible and the Bible is not Christianity," I suggest you take some time to visit NW Ohio Skeptics. Bruce, a Christian pastor for a quarter of a century, will put that idea to rest.


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