Monday, June 28, 2010

An Identity Crisis

Dylan, our ten year old cat, is suffering from an identity crisis. Throughout the history of cats, they have been predators of little beings that scurry. Cats chase them. Cats bat them around. It's not uncommon for a cat to eat them. And, when speaking of domesticated cats, they like to catch them and then bring them indoors to show you, their human companion, what they've caught AND to present it to you as an [icky] gift.

When Dylan was a younger feline, he kept to the program. Now, however, he has become a protector of mice!

Of course, there IS a ready explanation here. The mice that Dylan seeks to protect are of the computer peripheral variety.

He has developed the recent habit of sitting between Della or I and access to the mouse of our computers. When I have tried to point out to him that it's unbecoming of a cat to protect a mouse of any kind, his typical response is something akin to a yawn. He doesn't seem the least bit interested in moving at all.

Please do not share the above information with anyone! What would our neighbors thinks!!

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  1. Cats. Gotta Love them. :)

    I read every night in bed. Lay down, book on the bed.......and most nights one of the cats will come in and plop down right on top of the book I am reading. No matter how much I "talk" to them about this I get the "just another stupid ass human talking" look.

    We have three cats. Love them, but we certainly don't understand them. :)


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