Friday, May 21, 2010

Tao Books - Gift: Meditations from a Spiritual Journey

People are going to start thinking I'm a paid lobbyist or pr man for HK Stewart! I've featured his blog Christian Taoism on the Spotlight series. I run an rss feed to that blog on my Tumblr blog. I've also quoted his blog several times. And now, I'm going to give his book, Gift: Meditations from a Spiritual Journey, a glowing review.

The book is a compilation of his poetic prose from his blog. It's filled with soulful questions, elusive answers and all that falls in between. More often than not, a person will find themselves nodding in silent agreement or screaming out, "Yes, that's it!"

Here are but two selections to give you a taste of what you will find throughout this 106 page book.
No Claims
Sunset reflects off the surface of a long river, and
yet the river doesn't claim to be the sun.

Clouds drift across the face of a calm lake, yet
the lake doesn't claim to be the sky.

Gusts rattle the leaves of autumn trees, and yet the
forest doesn't claim to be the wind.

The Divine shines on every spiritual path, so why
would any path claim to be the only one?

The Perfect Illusion
Maybe perfection is an illusion.

How can anything be perfect
when everything is different?

How can anyone be perfect
when everyone is one of a kind?

How can one moment be perfect
when every moment is unique?

If perfection exists, how can it be
anything but what already is?
The ONLY negative thing I can tell you about this fine work is that, unlike his blog, his unique and exquisite photos don't adorn each stanza. As I've written before, the way his prose and photos meld on his blog both is breathtaking and awe inspiring.

But this isn't even a true negative because the images painted by his words don't need photos. The reader will end up painting their own pictures in their mind!

If you're looking for a book to inspire you, you can't go wrong with this one.

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