Saturday, April 24, 2010

Best Time of Each Day

I don't know about each of you, but there is a very special time for me each day. For a lot of people -- adults and children alike -- the best time is when the work shift is over or the school bell rings. Since I neither work nor attend school (and it's been so long since I did either one), those times hold no meaning for me.

My special time is not a fixed time. It doesn't happen at the same time each day, but it DOES happen, at least, one time every day. Yes, my special time is in the few seconds (I'd say no more than 30) when I shake the sugar plums out of head upon rising from a night's sleep or a long nap.

It is in that briefest of moments that I feel no pain! I think to myself, "Hey. I don't feel half bad. Maybe I'll have a pain-free day!" These fleeting seconds abruptly come to an end when I start to stir and my aching bones and connective tissue once again remind me that pain is my constant companion!

Not only do I feel no pain during this short respite, but I also have no worries. My mind has yet to fixate on the responsibilities or realities of the coming day. It's as if I reside in a peaceful void in which time, place and identity hold no meaning. It is in this few short seconds that I feel an intimacy with Tao.

How about you? Do you have a favorite time of the day?


  1. My favorite bit of the day is after I have gotten out of bed, made my latte, and have sat down in front of the computer. It is at that point that I feel a daily sense of anticipation for the day and calmness. I don't know what I will find in my email or rss or facebook. I don't know what I am going to do for the day. Those few moments are like a suspension in tao and I cherish that time before all the little distractions and things I must do overtakes me.

  2. my favorite time of the day is right after my son wakes up from his morning nap, because he's usually bright eyed and cheerful and curious about everything, and he actually likes to snuggle during those times! usually he's too active and squirmy to want to snuggle, so when he does i relish it! :)

  3. My favorite time of day is my morning walk to my bus stop. It's a fair hike, almost a mile, but rain or shine it's my time to get my thoughts and emotions in order. I have a chance to remember to breathe and feel connected to my neighborhood, and remind myself of what's really important. Or shake off what could be a bad mood!

  4. I also like mornings for that relaxed state I wake into. One morning is always better.

    Sunday mornings. The week has been done, saturdays food shopping has been done, I've had a whole day with my wife and with nothing calling on me I can hold that relaxation for as long as I like, generally all day.


    Something I have thought about in the past is what 'parts' of us sleep and which parts do what. For example the senses dull out to a point you don't hear or feel much - but you can still wake if they feel something important. The mind may shut off for a time but it comes and goes, it comes on and dreams, it works out things in the subconscious without your interaction, the ego sleeps the full night.

    I think the nervous system goes almost to sleep, the ego goes fully to sleep, the subconscious maybe not at all, the mind partially. The self, the world, remain and so the self in its peace gets to witness our subconscious and not have the distractions of nervous system and ego. Blissful times.


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