Sunday, January 31, 2010

14 - Quit Looking

People always ask how to follow Tao. It is as easy and natural as the heron standing in the water. The bird moves when it must; it does not move when stillness is appropriate.
~ from 365 Tao: Daily Meditations, Entry 14~
I really like the elegant simplicity of the above quote. It points to the idea that there are no rituals, prayers, routines, or creeds that will put you in touch with the Way.

So, how do we find it? Funny as it may seem, I think the best way to find it is to not look for it.

When we go look for something that we can't really know, we imbue the vision with our own unique slate of characteristics and traits. We quit looking for what it is and start looking for what we want it to be. It is by looking for what it is not that it becomes ever elusive and just beyond reach.

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