Saturday, December 30, 2006

1 + 1

For the past 2 years The Rambling Taoist has been the labor of love of one solitary individual. However, as we move into our third year, my younger brother is joining the blog and hence The Rambling Taoist has become The Rambling Taoists.

From my perspective, this is a grand development. One of the central ideas in Taoism is that there are as many different paths as there are different people. To date, this blog has featured the wanderings along only one path. From this point onward, readers can now glean the wanderings of two paths.

While my brother and I certainly agree on many things, there are things we don't agree on or take a slightly different run at. So, the interchange of thought will be a welcome mosaic.

I could say that this change is our way of welcoming in a new year, but I personally view the change from December to January as insignificant. Time is a human construct and, in the overall scheme of things, I don't think any other beings or entities care one wit about moving from one "year" to the next.

Like everyone else, I look forward to Sean's first post here at The Rambling Taoists.


  1. Like why are you even still pinging ORBlogs when you are in Washington?

    Is there no one in your own state that will go to your site?

    Seems rather sleazy when this is suppose to be a center point for OREGON blogs.

  2. When I first relocated to Washington, I sent an email to the owner of OrBlogs to say that I had moved and that my blog should be removed from the directory. To my surprise, the response was that there was no need to do this. I had still had connections in Oregon, so I continued loosely to meet the ORBlogs definition.

    So, I've stayed. I should note, though that, while I no longer LIVE in Oregon, I'm still employed by an Oregon company and I still pay Oregon state taxes.

  3. P.S. Since when did you start leaving anonymous comments, JustaDog? (I looked up your IP.)


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