Thursday, August 31, 2006

Of Cake & Eating Habits

I'm sure we're each familiar with the phrase, "Having your cake and eating it too". While almost everyone is guilty of this from time to time, mainstream politicians seem to immerse themselves in it. It really doesn't matter if one is a Democrat or Republican -- both seem to enjoy large pieces of cake and gorging on it to the point of choking.

Bill Clinton is a famous "cake" eater. He was one of those rare campaigners who could address two opposing sides in the same day, yet have both sides certain that he agreed with their stance or point of view. I'd like to put Dubya in this category too, but he's simply not smart nor savvy enough to pull it off.

Here in Washington State, incumbent Democratic US Senator Maria Cantwell genuinely is wanting her cake and eating it too. She voted for the Iraqi "war". She's voted for every one of the Bush administration's appropiation bills in support of the war. She even voted against the Kerry bill this summer that would have set a deadline to bring US troops home.

DESPITE all these facts, she's trying to convince Washington voters that HER position on the topic is somehow different than our erstwhile president. Lately, she's been blathering about wanting 2006 to be a "transition" year. What in the heck does that mean?

As mentioned above, she COULD have supported the Kerry bill, but she didn't. So what has she done to create this nebulous "transition"? Nada, except repeat it in stump speeches.

Let's face it, Cantwell's position isn't that much different than her Republican opponent Mike McGavick.

However, it IS different than the Green Party's Aaron Dixon. Aaron supports the immediate withdrawal of US troops. And that's why I'm voting for Aaron and why I hope Cantwell loses miserably!


  1. At least the voters of Washington State are being given a choice and are being notified of that choice. David Sole's nomination for the Green Party has conveniently been swept under the rug by the corporate media for the Senate seat.

    Here in Michigan's 6th district the choice for the house is between a bigoted Republican (Fred Upton) that owns stock in Whirlpool (they contribute to the gentrification of Benton Harbor, MI among other racist actions) and a Democrat Business man that can't answer a question on his position regarding abortion or homosexual-marriage.

  2. I think the DSCC is in big trouble, especially with their support of candidates like Cantwell and Lieberman. I think the House at least gets it, and has a chance to go Dem this fall.

    I'm glad you have real greens in your area, unlike PA, where the "greens" are a wing of the Rep party. ;^)

  3. Are you a grad of Wa own terrorist training school "Evergreen State College"? Going out soon to release some milk cows so they can be killed on the highway or drown in the rivers etc. Gone downtown Aberdeen spouting off your crap and had any loggers beat you up lately???

    Poor fool
    Remember to be one with nature now, make sure and wipe your @ss with your fingers so no trees have to be cut down to make toilet paper. Make sure your shoes are made out of pleather.
    Are you one of those that bitches about fossel fuels and then drives around in an old Volvo that burns oil faster than gas??

    Keep at it my friend shut down the economy of rural America and send all the agriculture, mining, logging etc. to third world nations where they have no laws protecting the environment. Every time you do it you make the world LESS GREEN, you bunch of idiots!!! At least in the US we have laws protecting the environment,laws insuring you get good quality produce and meat.
    Do you shower or are you one of the dredlocked dirty clothes smelling kind of greenie.

    Adios my friend, I don't want to keep you from burning down a gov't building where some testing is done you don't approve of. Or maybe your on your way out to go to Olympia to hear the SACRED WOLVES howl.

    I will leave you now LMAO

  4. Unfortunately, since our nation started this mess it's probably not a good idea to leave until we've cleaned up the mess.
    Withdrawing our troops would mean leaving a country in an escalating civil war. Although our troops suffer in Iraq, the innocent civilians living there would suffer even more if we abandoned them.


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