Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Nothing Says "Merry Christmas" Like Spam

What with many of my cohorts off spending time with their families and many of the news services and/or email lists I subscribe to taking a needed break, I sort of thought the volume of mail hitting my in box would lessen greatly during the holiday season. WRONG! It seems the spammers of the world don't take vacations.

Over the past week, the overall volume of mail has only lessened slightly, but the percentage of spam has increased greatly. I shouldn't be surprised. According to The Register,
MX Logic, an antispam vendor, now estimates that 75 per cent of all email is spam, while in same article Postini Inc. jacks that number up to 88 per cent of all email. Think about that: only about 1 in 10 emails is legitimate.
Oh, wonderful.


  1. Not too long ago, to vent my frustration with all the spam in my mailbox, I wrote this poem:

    by Diana Nolen

    To save a buck on printer ink
    Or find my family’s missing link
    A patch or pill to lose some weight
    Or go out on a Christian date.

    To frame a meaningless diploma
    Or enjoy my own designed aroma
    To buy a face-lift in a jar
    Or more insurance for my car.

    To wager in an e-casino
    Or book a freebie flight to Reno
    Study to become a cop
    Or get paid in cash to eat or shop.

    Free credit cards, both gold and platinum
    {Also come in rare titanium}
    T-shirts with the face of Jesus
    Or help to write a Masters thesis.

    Hot hot girls with bosoms ample
    Or a free Viagra sample
    An e-detective who just can’t wait
    To check e- habits of my mate.

    To choose
    Coke or Pepsi, Big Mac or Whopper
    Or to become a mystery shopper
    To re-finance the family home
    Or pay someone to print my poem

  2. My that is beautiful -- Brings tears to my eyes. Does Washington state have a poet laureate designation? If so, you have my vote!


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