Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Where's Your Brain?

You know you're doing something right when the host of a blog decides to ban you from commenting. For the past several month's I've been waging an open battle with the host of "Where's Your Brain?". Every time she posts one of her insidious attacks on anything or anyone to the left of Dubya, I make a point of presenting an alternative view.

Obviously, my last comment hit a raw nerve! The blog's host (JustaDog) had been crowing about that fact that so many folks have visited her blog. Here is the comment I posted which she immediately deleted. (Wonder why?)
But oh my, over 14,650 visitors and my little 'ole blog isn't even a year old. Hee hee

Hee Hee is right. The joke's on you!!

Frankly, I'm happy to hear you've had so many visitors. For those visitors who read the comments of each of your postings, they're getting far more than you ever bargained for! I went back and counted the number of comments since July 6. There have been 276. Of this number, 102 have been from me and One Down (I've left 85 and One Down has left 17). That means that AT LEAST 37% of the comments allow people to hear the OTHER side.

If we remove our host's own 97 comments from the equation, then we're left with 179. This means now that over 56% of the comments have been left by two of us who RARELY agree with JustaDog.

Pundit has left 30 comments in this period and only a few have agreed with your stated point.

Consequently, your ultra conservative blog is serving as a billboard for facts and opinions you loathe. Way to go! Keep up the good work!!

I suppose these facts were too much for her to bear!! So, not only did she delete this comment, but left the following comment herself:
I finally got exact verification (via IP address, system, browser data) that "Trey Smith", aka Mr. pacifist, aka Mr. Taoist (love and respect everyone) has also been posting anonymously with the vicious tongue. I will not condone the types of attacks as his, so he will be band. He's nothing more than a cheap liberal - always trying to deceive, always a hypocrite.

The Haloscan comment system allows better control over comments. I don't care if you agree or disagree - your comment stays. If you post attacks on me or are exceedingly vicious to other commenters then your IP will be banned!

There's only one problem with the above statement -- it's a complete fabrication!! I've NEVER left an anoymous comment on her blog! Like our dear [P]resident, when the facts don't match with what you want people to see, you simply makeup a bunch of crap to make things seem the way you want them to seem.

I normally don't pat myself on the back, but I will in this case. I spoke truth to power and the power blinked!!


  1. So dog's a she, is he? That's news to me, but as for the rest of your points, Trey, I'm not at all surprised. You speak truth, but I'm not sure about the "dog power" part. When the hard right has to continually resort to fabrication (as is apparent these days), their pre-fab wall begins to crumble...witness the [P]resident's declining poll numbers these days!

  2. That's funny. I'm an anonymous poster over there: sorry the idiot thought I was you or vice versa. Though my comments were never personal, but my personal thoughts about what she was posting, my first post was immediately deleted because I said Walmart sold a bunch of crap. Go figure.

  3. I think I've commented over there once or twice myself.

    I've never gone back to see if my comments were deleted, though. Typical rightwing spinlessness.

    I can't recall ever deleting a comment from my blog that wasn't poker/sex/loan spam. I like it when the wingers comment. My replies allow me a nice outlet for my Bush frustration.


  4. Two other observations. First, I'm sure the canine wonder ALSO banned the IP address from the anonymous poster who identifies him/herself as One Down (hails from Australia, one comment indicated). So, a week or two from now, the host can point to the fact that, since I have been banned, this "anonymous" poster has disappeared too. Therefore, she will have manufactured an apparent conection between the two of us that unknowing visitors will take to mean that she was correct in asserting we are one in the same. Really Bushesque!

    Secondly, she has now created a system whereby she can cherry pick who can comment about her veritable crap. I'm sure she'll ALLOW a few comments that disagree with her stated point, if only to show her "fairness". However, in reality, she will remove anything that challenges facts or her nutty perspective.

    Like Carla, I've rarely deleted a comment from this blog. In fact, the only time I've deleted a comment is when one anonymous person posted the exact same comment on 5 different threads. I kept the first one and deleted the other four.

    We all know that freedom of speech cannot exist if one self-chosen person controls the dialogue. We also know that the Far Right doesn't give a hoot about freedom. No, they want to control what everybody says, does and thinks.

  5. I just came across your blog (and via it, "Where's Your Brain?" too) from orblogs. Don't worry, I'll start leaving comments on JustaDog's bad logic as well.

  6. Madonestepbeyond,
    Have at, but be forewarned. If you may strong and salient points TOO often, you're bound to get banned too. It's become very clear that JustaDog isn't interested in any sort of a two-way conversation. ;-(

  7. Ooops! I meant to start off that last comment with "Have at IT..."


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