Friday, August 12, 2005

Other Sides

A common problem in this world is "preaching to the choir". All of us tend to read and discuss things within a clique of those who think as we do. While there's nothing wrong with this -- to a point -- it does cause us to have a more limited view on issues. Think about it. If you only discuss one aspect of any topic, how will you ever learn or even understand a different perspective?

To this end, I'm going to use my blog today to feature some snippets from a few of the conservative blogs I frequent. Needless to say, I generally disagree with a great deal of the posts on these sites and I often voice my disagreement via comments. Still, it's important to listen to other people's perspectives to get a handle on the sentiments of folks who do not consider themselves to be "progressives".

From Where's Your Brain? -- Don't Let The Pillars Crumble
Traitors have been around for hundreds of years. The worse threat is those among our ranks, pretending to do what they do for the good of us. They form groups and coalitions with names intended to hide the evil of their plans. They claim to be for "civil liberties", for "working families", "social justice", etc...

There are enemies among us involved in active sedition under the disguise of legal dissent, and advocating terrorism and terror attacks under the disguise of freedom of speech. Liberals (different from conservative Democrats), the ACLU, the likes of Kennedy, the Clinton Klan, socialists, haters of Christianity, haters of Jews, haters of the core principles that our country was founded on, haters of capitalism, etc.
From Daniel's Political Musings -- Illegal aliens came out on top in Oregon's legislature
Way to go Oregon. You made it so meth cooks have to drive an extra 15 minutes to Vancouver to buy cold pills but you couldn't muster the support to make illegal aliens show proof of citizenship to get a drivers license.

In a few years all our ID's will be worthless because our "representatives" can't stomach the thought of punishing lawbreakers.
From Abercrombie View -- See What I Mean?
Yesterday Robert Knovak walked off of a CNN set and was suspended as a commentator by the network. Not condoning his expletive, his frustration at the common liberal tactic used by James Lavelle was evident. This is another common tactic used by liberals when they know they haven’t got a good argument. Lavelle proceeded to interrupt and talk over Knovak as he was trying to explain his point and even when he politely tried to get Lavelle to let him complete his answer, Lavelle continued to just run over him verbally. This leads me to think that liberals are waging a true war of words, not meaning, words.
From My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy -- Able Danger and 9/11
The blogosphere’s abuzz with news of the report of the (Able Danger) intelligence on the 9/11 terrorists back in 2000 - and as usual, the left side is dismissing it out of hand, because it doesn’t implicate Chimpy Bushitler.

It looks to me so far that this is in no way some bullshit Valerie Plame story, though; and even so, the significance of 9/11 makes the Plame Game look positively LAUGHABLE. No freaking way am I going to go blind looking at their meltdown at the DUh or Kos, though. I saw enough with a quick Technorati search.

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