Monday, April 1, 2013

Real Life Duh - Imaginary Webs

Smi Treyth

Ya know, I am sick of hearing all these new age folks talking about the web of life. If you listen to them yammer and prattle, they might sort of convince you that we all are made of the same things and that we are somehow interconnected. To that mumbo jumbo, I say, "Bah!"

Have you ever looked closely at a slug? It looks nothing like a person. It's just an oozy blob that leaves a greasy trail wherever it goes. Pour some salt on it and it melts into a puddle of muck!

How could anyone in their right mind compare a lowly slug to a magnificent human being? How could any sane person suggest that a sickening slug and a great man like Joel Osteen have ANYTHING in common? Osteen, like the rest of us (but NOT gays, woman or poor people), are created in the image of God, the Father. A slug doesn't even measure up to the image of Satan. You see, it's absolutely crazy to suggest that a slug and Joel Osteen are made of the same things.

This notion of interconnectedness is just as preposterous. Have you ever seen a dandelion growing out of somebody's ear? Ever seen someone drag a mountain wherever they go? Ever seen a family in which the husband, wife and children are fused together in one skin? Of course, the answer to any of these question is a resounding NO.

Each one of us is our own separate island and we aren't connected to anything, except God, the Father. So, quit worrying about how your actions and words impact anything else. Live for yourself (and God). Let the bees, trees and antelope worry about their own puny and meaningless lives.

This post is not part of a series. For an introduction, go suck on an egg.

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  1. Happy April Fool's day to you too!


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