Monday, August 30, 2010

The American Theocracy - Number Six

You shall not kill.
~ Exodus 20:13, RSV ~
Application: Various laws will be updated or passed that make certain kinds of killing illegal (or, interestingly enough, legal). For example, if a husband has incontrovertible evidence that his wife has been unfaithful, he may either kill her himself or present her to the local government jurisdiction who will order her death by stoning. Homeowners will be granted the right to kill anyone who trespasses on their private property or molests them or their belongings in any way.

Exceptions: They are legion! For one thing, wives who have incontrovertible evidence that their husbands have been unfaithful will not be allowed to kill them. A wife must present her evidence to the local government jurisdiction, and, if the husband is found guilty, a fine will be levied.

While homeowners, in general, will be granted the right to defend their person and property with deadly force, in cases in which the homeowner is non-white and particularly when the decedent IS white, the incident automatically will be reviewed by the appropriate local court to decide if it was indeed justified. Woe to those who are found to have killed unjustifiably!

Law enforcement will be given blanket permission to utilize deadly force, whenever they alone deem it appropriate. Except in those cases in which an important person is killed, such events will not be subject to review.

Illegal immigrants coming from south of the border may be shot on sight at any time with no questions asked.

The death penalty -- state-sanctioned killing -- will be expanded as the preferred sentence for a long list of crimes, including such subversive activities as interracial marriage, anything that smells of homosexuality, utilizing a science-based argument against approved faith-based beliefs, etc.

Of course, the biggest exception will concern US military aggression. Since the US will only wage war at God's behest, anything goes as we invade one non-Christian nation after another.

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  1. i find it interesting that of all things, modern day right wing christians are pro-killing and pro war whereas jesus especially was anti-killing.


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