Wednesday, August 26, 2009

From the Teeniest Drops

Over at I Write..., Leon posted a really neat entry on a subject I talk about a lot myself -- water.
Move as water. Let thoughts of ocean waves; show you the way to understand yourself. It becomes easier the more you do it of course. It becomes second nature and you could benefit in many ways. When life has you down, remember how the ocean waves flow. It moves slowly, at times, but then gains speed at times as well. It always moves in and out. Let any negative thoughts come in and out of your mind. You do not have to meditate in order to get your mind clear. You could be doing whatever. It will work no matter what. The simple form of letting things come in and out will work. It could be a thought about your car breaking down; a cable bill or even you forget to feed your cat. There is no way to turn the time back. Therefore, you have to let the thoughts come in and out. It really is that simple. Why make things any more complicated?
Here's the comment I left on his blog:
Water is a most interesting element. We talk about it like it is a singular thing, when it is not. Water is a collection of drops. But when we gaze into a river, the ocean or a puddle, we don't see the individual drops; we simply see this one fluid substance. Consequently, each drop begins as an individual entity, but, when joined with other such entities, it loses its individual nature and becomes a flow of all.

I've often wondered, if alien beings look down on this little orb, what do they see? Do they see the mass of humanity like a river or do they see us as individual drops of water?
Even further, I wonder if each drop of water suffers great angst because it has lost its individual identity? It's no longer recognized for itself; it's only viewed by humans in the aggregate form.

My guess is that each drop of water doesn't care. Each finds its meaning and purpose in the marriage of the individual with the whole and, in time, it comes to view itself as the whole, not as one separate individual.

Could this be a lesson for humanity?

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