Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Getting Creative in a Unique Sort of Way

I really like Blogger. I'm comfortable with it. I still use the classic template because I like to have the opportunity seamlessly to check and rewrite the html, when needed. But for all the pluses I see with using Blogger, one aspect really bugs me -- the inability to create static pages!

As a short-term measure, I started creating pseudo-static pages by backdating posts to when this blog first began in 2005. By doing this, a post that serves as an index for all the Asperger's tagged entries or my "about" page wouldn't show up on the main page on the day I created it. It might not be the best solution, but it's the only thing I could think of at the time.

The other day I came up with a different solution. I'm certain this will be an odd way to deal with this issue, but I created a shadow blog on Wordpress. There's only one entry on the main page and the plan is that this will be the ONLY entry. The main purpose for the shadow blog is to house static pages, something Wordpress allows.

For example, I wanted to create an index page for all the books on Taoism I have or will review. So, if you select the "Tao Book Reviews" link in the left sidebar, you will be transported magically to the shadow blog and, when you select a link to one of the book reviews, you'll just as magically be transported back here!

I plan to move my Asperger's index page to the shadow blog this week and create an index page for the Tao Te Ching series sometime soon. I'm sure I'll add a few others along the way.

I realize that one question that may be popping up in your head right now is: Why don't you simply move the entire blog to Wordpress? Yes, that might seem logical, but I don't like wholesale change. : )

As indicated above, I'm very content with most of the features Blogger offers me. Therefore, I just wanted to find a suitable workaround for the one feature NOT offered. And this is how I've decided to handle it.


  1. I'm not sure I'm following what you want to do but ......

    I think I've done the same thing. I had it on the previous version of Blogger (where I coded the entire page in the template .... whew!!) and dragged my feet forever about transferring it to the new blogger. I did it, though.
    Try "Settings", "Formatting" "Show" 0 posts on the main page. Then use whatever gadget suits your needs (including the bare-bones HTML gadget) and put it wherever you want on the page. If you want it the full width of the template, you can stick it right under the header or right above the footer. It might act like its not going to let you put it there but if you are persistent, you can find the exact spot on the screen where it will accept it.

    Hope that helps

  2. I've come across a few Blogger blogs that do something similar. One blog actually set up several other Blogger blogs to act as pages for their main blog. Each mini-blog has only one post, which functions as a page.

    Lots of work!

    I would be one of those individuals who say "Make the move to Wordpress!" :-) Wordpress will let you import all your blogger posts and comments.

    I understand not wanting to move though, especially if you have good traffic here.


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