Wednesday, March 25, 2009

If At First You Don't Succeed...

Last night at around 11 p.m. I announced to the world our family's new canine addition. At the time, I wrote the following: "Our 3 cats are all discombobulated, but Sophie doesn't seem particularly interested in any of them." It seems I spoke too soon!

This morning Sophie had run ins with all 3 cats. In fact, she broke the cardinal rule of our household -- she chased Little Bit (our one-eyed kitty) down the back stairs and out of the yard. While we can't be sure if Sophie would have hurt Little Bit, if she had caught him, we decided we were simply unwilling to take that chance. So, for the first time ever, we returned an adoption back to the shelter.

We felt bad because Sophie seemed like a nice dog and, in time, we might have been able to work beyond this problem. Little Bit is the baby of the household -- any new animal must get along with him or the deal is off. In addition, Heidi (our 15 1/2 year old dog) didn't seem like she was warming up to her new sister. She kept hiding each time Sophie entered a room that she was in.

When we made the decision to take Sophie home yesterday, we had debated between her and Jasmine, a pointer-blue heeler mix. We chose Sophie because she was older (5 years old). Upon our return, we ended up taking Jasmine home.

Heidi seems to have taken to Jasmine almost immediately. They sat together peaceably for the entire 45 mile drive home. Upon entering our house, Jasmine immediately greeted 2 of our cats (Dylan & Mookie) with little fanfare. It may be a day or two before Little Bit comes home, but we think he will get along with this dog a lot better.

Below is a photo and description of the new [replacement] dog. Hopefully, I won't have to provide an addendum to this addendum. :-)


More About Jasmine
Jasmine is around 1-2 years old and a bundle of fun! She was a transfer from another town and is hoping someone comes and adopts her soon! She like most young dogs needs to have some basic training but she is eager and willing to learn. At this young age she is looking for someone to teach her how to behave, we like to call it "fine tuning" as with just some basics these dogs can really blossom.


  1. Well, it seems that 'Sophie' is an 'only child' - she needs to be the only pet. Jasmine seems to revel in having siblings so I think it is a good switch.

    I have felt that way about my kids at times but there was no place to exchange them. :-) heeheehahheehehaha :-)

    Love Gail

  2. I'm reading all your posts but just a quick - aaaaaaaaaah.

    She looks like she will be a lovely member of the family.

  3. Jazzy is here to stay. She's made her peace with all our other creatures, even Little Bit to a certain degree. She's goofy, funny and super affectionate. Looks like the second try is a charm.


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