Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Clean House

If you know that friends, family or colleagues will be coming to your home for a visit, do you clean house? If you're typically a neat and tidy person, do you still do a little straightening? If you're not typically neat and tidy (like our animal-based house), do you vacuum, sweep, mop, dust and throw all the extra junk in a closet?

The impetus for the question concerns climate change/global warming. While many of us take this as a given, many others believe it is based on false science and liberal propaganda. So, this question is aimed at those who believe human-caused global warming doesn't exist.

Since future generations are the people coming to visit soon, shouldn't we present them with a clean and uncluttered planet? Shouldn't we sweep the floors, dust the shelves, set the table and plump the pillows? What kind of hosts would we be if we left our house in complete disarray?

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