Saturday, November 25, 2006

Who's Who?

Over the course of the last 2 years, I've written several times about a strange enterprise -- Linda Christas. It's supposedly an educational institution, but, from my own personal research, it seems to be nothing more than a well put together scam.

The only reason why I return again and again to this topic is because the people from this organization keep returning to my blog and many first-time readers find this blog as a result of a Google search.

So, today, I decided to visit their website again. If you go to their Board page, you'll see a few names that ring a bell like Pat Boone, Efrem Zimbalist Jr. or Sue Grafton. Beyond those names, however, are people who have little, if any claim to fame.

Here's the interesting part. Several of these people are described using words like "pioneering surgeon", "publisher" or "respected education consultant". Yet, if you do a search on (ZoomInfo, the premier summarization search engine, delivers fresh, comprehensive information on over 33 million business professionals and 2 million companies across virtually every industry), the ONLY reference you will find on any of these individuals is...Linda Christas.

What are the chances of that happening? You'd think that at least 1 or 2 of them would pop up with references to professional boards in their field or a published article or something of this nature.

Even more interesting is the fact that, when you type the name of the 3 prominent board members into Google and you add "Linda Christas", the only hits you find refer back to Linda Christas itself or they come from remarks made by others. In other words, these three famous people don't mention their supposed association with Linda Christas on their own websites nor is it reported in any way by the media.

That simply seems really strange to me. If this is such an upstanding organization, why is it so difficult to find any information on their so-called board members?

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  1. Hey Trey

    just stopping by to say hi, its been a while since you have dived under the political covers :)

    peace for you and your family good sir!


  2. Well, I have to admit that LC is how I first came across your blog, while following a lengthy attempt by LC supporters to content-bomb Wikipedia with related articles and other entries (if you haven't, you might want to search WP on LC, using the "search" rather "Go" function on the site -- lots of remnants of articles deleted, etc.). Have you noticed the creation of a "Rambling Taoist" Google group, too, apparently by LC fans?

    The qualifications of their "advisory board" came up during one article's deletion debate; pretty colorful group. I particularly like "The Amazing Dr. D.," a New York public-access television "parapsychologist"...

    They may not be particularly coherent, but they certainly are persistent.

    Having started with the LC stuff on your blog, I have read on, and enjoyed, for which thanks and congratulations.


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