Friday, June 17, 2005

My "Friends" at Linda Christas

For those of you who are regular visitors, you well know that I have engaged in quite a robust discussion with the staff and supporters of an educational tutoring outfit, Linda Christas. As a service, I thought I would update you on what they're up to.

For starters, as I think a counterweight to this blog, they started their own. Initially, unlike The Rambling Taoist, they did not allow comments. After I pointed out this fact, magically they decided to allow comments. Unfortunately, they must have changed their minds because they've now returned to the former policy of NOT allowing comments. (It wasn't because of me. I didn't attempt to leave any comments on their blog.)

Also, unlike The Rambling Taoist, you can't learn much about who is running their blog by looking at "View my complete profile". THEIR idea of "complete" is listing the name "LaTracy Renner". That's the ONLY bit of information they/she provide[s]. Makes one wonder what they would consider scant information to consist of.

I'm not a heartless person. I do feel a bit sorry for them. If you do a Google search with the words linda christas blog, their blog doesn't show up on the first page. Mine does, occupying the top two spots. Of course, as I've pointed out repeatedly, this is their own fault because THEY keep coming back.

If you change your Google search to linda christas blogspot, I still outrank them. I'm sure that is frustrating to them. It would be for me.

If you'd like to check out a potential career with Linda Christas Tutoring Services click here.

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  1. Dear Trey Smith,
    I would like to thank you for the information. I have recently found out after reading your comments that I am too a poor SAP. I also work in the social service field as a family therapists. I am currently looking for work and posted my resume on a couple of job sites. A Linda Christas representative contacted me recently and sent me a questionare to fill out. I was about to fill out the questionare and send off to them when I began reading another email they had sent me. In this email there contained a letter of a former Academic Advisor about her experiences and thoughts on Linda Christas. Their were alot of comments about a strange character by the name of the rambling toaist. My curiosity got the best of me and did a search by yahoo about Linda Christas. Your site came up 3rd on the list. Seeing the name rambling taoist which I thought was strange that it was listed on the letter with thoughts of discontentment, I began a search to find out what is this rambling taoist was in connection with Linda Christas. I was amazed to hear your story and see myself in your shoes. To me it is amazing how much of a threat you are to Linda Christas. I had no idea who you were until they mentioned you and wrote, what I would say was, unprofessional remarks towards another person even coming from a large company. In my callabre of work this is unacceptable of any company and being a therapists I must add that once a person has become defensive on an issue during a session they are truly trying to hide or subdue the issue at hand. Apparently Something is wrong with the issue at hand and Linda Christas is acting out as a child would trying to cover up a poor dicision he or she has made. The behaviors are similar and it is peculiar the behavior of the recruitors has shown me recently since I have pursued more interest in working with them. As a therapist, I must say that I can smell a rat out when I see one. After reading your article everything made since. I honestly and certainly will say that I will not seek a career with Linda Christas. Thank you Linda Christas in making me aware of who the Rambling Taoist was and also helping me pursue career options elsewhere. they led me to you. Funny that is. But thank you Trey Smith in writing this article. You have suceeded in helping one poor shmuck not get suckered in to a scam that corporate america provides for so many people desperately looking for work in our unstable economy. I am ashamed that I ever even thought of working for a company that supposedly believes in providing services to enrich children's lives but would go to great lenghts to screw over their fellow man. I do apologize for my harsh resentments but I am frustrated of what lenghts people will go to and demonstrate when they will present a perfectly sound alternative to help children "in-need" but only present a farse. I hope everything goes well with the courts. Remeber Our First Amendment is our biggest ally to represent who we are as a nation. We have it in place to protect our words and especially words that help others. You are only in a sense not trying to destroy Linda Christas but are only in a way holding them accountable and to higher standards. Something of which all organizations should abide to and especially one that is in the business of facilitating services to children. You have my support and understanding and same goes for Linda Christas only if they abide to a higher form of responsibilty towards their workers. I believe that GOD WILLING, only good came come from this and that people will come to find the right morals and values on which we want to bestow upon our children. I only hope that Linda Christas was bestowing the best morals and values on the child they provide services to even if though they do not provide the appropriate services to their staff. I can only pray that Linda christas is about appropriate care and not about quarterly figures. Linda Christas please reasses what it means to "be the change you want to see." If you are to be the "Guiding Light" of children then please make sure if your light is pure and just. Thank you for your interest in this article.


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