Saturday, November 25, 2006

It's a Bioregional Thing

I thought that, once the election season had come and gone, I would have more time to devote to blogging. It seems that I forgot about what would be utilizing most of my time AFTER Election Day -- serving as Coordinator for a bioregional conference and retreat. Maybe I can finally get back to blogging regularly after December 3.

Here's what we have posted on the Green Party of Washington State website:

The Power of Green: Peace & the Post-Oil Economy

In conjunction with our fellow Greens in
British Columbia, Idaho, Northern California & Oregon,
GPoWS will host the
1st Annual Cascadia Greens Conference & Retreat.
This event will establish the foundation for greater
communication and networking among the Green Parties in our bioregion.

When: December 1 - 3
Where: Cornet Bay Retreat Center at Deception Pass State Park on Whidbey Island

A committee made up of representatives of the participating Green Parties is hard at work developing the framework for a weekend of workshops, presentations, and social time aimed at engendering green solidarity across boundaries of all types.

Some of the programs we've lined up thus far include:

  • "Nonviolent Direct Action in a Nuclear World: Responsibility and Consequences" presented by Sister Jackie Hudson of the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action;
  • Canadian-Style Health Care presented by Fergus Gibson of the Green Party of British Columbia;
  • A yet untitled workshop presented by the Puget Sound Network for Compassionate Communication;
  • A yet untitled presentation on Energy Issues presented by GPoWS member and energy consultant Steve Garrison
  • Internalized Racism, a workshop presented by E. Mandisa Subira of the Conscious Thought Network
  • What Greens Can Learn from the Black Panther Party, a presentation by members of the Aaron Dixon 4 US Senate Campaign Team

In addition to featuring issue-based programs, we are also going to have several Green Party Nuts 'N Bolts sessions which will provide members with important tools to take back to their communities to increase their effectiveness of their local parties and/or chapters. Here are the Nuts 'N Bolts sessions we have lined up thus far:

  • Media - Publicizing What We Do (Make Gills, GPoWS & Joanne Cvar, PGP)
  • Fundraising in a Corporate-Based World (Trey Smith, GPoWS Treasurer & PGP Fundraising Coordinator)
  • Strategic Planning (Suzanne Nott, Facilitator of the South Puget Sound Green Party)
  • Creating a Bioregional Internet Cafe (Erik Douglas of Cascadia)
  • Bioregional Governance (Janet Jordan, GPoWS Secretary)

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