Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bit by Bit - Chapter 6, Part 22

Trey Smith

Tzu-kung said, "Well then, Master, what is this `realm' that you stick to?"

Confucius said, "I am one of those men punished by Heaven. Nevertheless, I will share with you what I have."

"Then may I ask about the realm?" said Tzu-kung.

Confucius said, "Fish thrive in water, man thrives in the Way. For those that thrive in water, dig a pond and they will find nourishment enough. For those that thrive in the Way, don't bother about them and their lives will be secure. So it is said, the fish forget each other in the rivers and lakes, and men forget each other in the arts of the Way."

Tzu-kung said, "May I ask about the singular man?"

"The singular man is singular in comparison to other men, but a companion of Heaven. So it is said, the petty man of Heaven is a gentleman among men; the gentleman among men is the petty man of Heaven."

~ Burton Watson translation ~
Each of us has our own way of dealing with things. When others try to force their way of dealing with life on others, it's like a bear trying to force a fish to hibernate!

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