Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bit by Bit - Chapter 4, Part 11

Trey Smith

"It is easy to keep from walking; the hard thing is to walk without touching the ground. It is easy to cheat when you work for men, but hard to cheat when you work for Heaven. You have heard of flying with wings, but you have never heard of flying without wings. You have heard of the knowledge that knows, but you have never heard of the knowledge that does not know. Look into that closed room, the empty chamber where brightness is born! Fortune and blessing gather where there is stillness. But if you do not keep still - this is what is called sitting but racing around. Let your ears and eyes communicate with what is inside, and put mind and knowledge on the outside. Then even gods and spirits will come to dwell, not to speak of men! This is the changing of the ten thousand things, the bond of Yu and Shun, the constant practice of Fu Hsi and Chi Ch'u. How much more should it be a rule for lesser men!"
~ Burton Watson translation ~
In the beginning, I had a good deal of problems with this meditation thing. I expected it to be a certain way and, when it didn't meet by expectations, I berated myself for not getting into the proper mindset.

In time, I gave up on my expectations and simply accepted the emptiness for what it is. Without expectations to trip me up, I no longer berate myself.

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