Tuesday, September 4, 2012

One Tiny Ember II

Scott Bradley

From Zhuangzi 19 (Ziporyn):

"Chui the Artisan's swooping freehand arcs could match the lines made with compasses and T-squares, for his fingers transformed along with the thing he as making, his mind never lingering to check or verify. Hence, his Numinous Platform was unified and unshackled to any one place."

His heart being at peace with itself, his inner reality was unified; where was there room for self-doubt? His whole life was one swooping, expressive arc, unmediated, unjudged. "When sitting, sit; when standing stand; just don't wobble."

"The forgetting of the foot means the shoe fits comfortably. The forgetting of the waist means the belt fits comfortably. And when the understanding forgets right and wrong, the mind fits comfortably."

When the mind lays down its arms and no longer wars against itself, it is freed to swoopingly express itself without hesitation, without doubt.

"When the encounter with each thing fits comfortably, the internal is not altered and the external is not made master."

Utterly unified and accepting of oneself, one completely accepts every other person, event or thing. Completely responsible for one's interface with the world, nothing in the world can disturb one's peace.

"When everything fits, from beginning to end, even this fitting is forgotten, and that is the perfect fit."

And words and paths and teachings cease. All that remains is living.

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