Sunday, July 29, 2012

Two for One

Trey Smith

I've been a bit preoccupied the past 2 days working on BOTH computers in the house. My wife's Windows computer developed a serious problem and so we decided to load Linux Mint on it, but, for reasons I don't understand, Linux can't seem to interface with her monitor. So, we ended up reloading Windows XP and now the system can't read her Wireless PCI card, even after updating the driver. Until I can figure out the problem, she's off the internet.

My computer didn't have a problem per se. I just decided the time had come to update to Mint 13. So, I have been reloading programs and my backed up data. That's no big deal by itself, but I'm also doing a lot of research trying to find a solution to my wife's Wireless issue.

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  1. Wireless on Linux can be a bitch sometimes. If it's a desktop why not just use ethernet?

    The Monitor issue is more of a mystery. It may depend if the computer's graphics are integrated or on a separate video card


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