Tuesday, August 23, 2011


by Scott Bradley

There is the universal. And there is the particular. There is One. And there are the many. And there is the experience in which they collapse into each other. The universal is experienced in the particular, the One in the many. The particular is not lost in the universal, nor the many in the One. This is immediacy. Presence. Now.

The very heart of spirituality is, I believe, the realization of the universal in every particular, the affirmation of all the world. The mundane is the spiritual. Maya is Reality. Samsara is nirvana.

This road. This flower. This stream. This moment. "This" expresses the mystery of the thusness of each thing and the realization of the identity of its mystery with Mystery. Not-knowing is not an opaque wall throwing us back into a world of doubt and despair, but the point of departure for a journey into an entirely different way of knowing. Mystery is an invitation to experience. Mystery is the experience. And thankfulness, surrender and trust arise from and enable that experience.

What joy!
This singing stream,
Rising and passing beyond all knowing,
To and from an unknown sea.

This is it! Every this is it.

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  1. Hey you're in a great place right now. Great writing.


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