Thursday, June 16, 2011

Man on the Moon

Man on the Moon
by Scott Bradley

Mike: "Did you know there will never be a full moon again?"
Scott: "No, that's news to me. How so?"
Mike: "The Apollo astronauts brought some of it back to Earth! Ha, ha, ha."
This caused a smile, but also made me think of something else new about the moon. There is a golf ball on the moon. I find this somehow disturbing. There is, of course, lots of human trash now on the moon -- rovers and flags and sewage(?). But a golf ball seems unnecessary even if the rest is not.

There is nothing holy about the moon as far as I know. (Though many Muslims refused to believe that man actually went there since the moon is of particular importance in Islam.) It's just that I like to look up at the night sky and not see more of the human hive. I can't see the golf ball, of course, but I know it is there. What's more, there is a lot that I can see. Satellites are constantly coming into view. The Space Station is the brightest object in the night sky besides the (diminished ) moon. Airplanes and contrails are ubiquitous. So, it's near impossible now to escape the hive and commune with nature in the raw.

Ah, but here is a gorgeous fungus digesting a tree which nature fell. I will commune here. And renewed in thankfulness and awe in the great Wonder, I will commune with the hive, its golf balls and its computers.

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