Saturday, May 14, 2011


by Scott Bradley

Here on the ranch I've been doing a lot of sawing of trees. The winter brought an unusual amount of snow and a bunch of old-timers just couldn't handle it. It grieves me to see oaks hundreds of years old dying on the forest floor. I don't say 'dead' because these guys don't give up easily and put on a hopeful display of buds even with their roots pointed at the sky or planted several feet away.

I guess I'm one of those 'tree-huggers' that you've heard about. If you are reading this, you are probably one too. Funny how loving nature seems so integral to caring about things 'spiritual'. Unless, of course, by 'spiritual' we mean worshiping a Creator-God who has told us to "fill and subdue" the earth. In this case, there is an infinite divide between God and creation, which is just some 'thing' to be used. "Earth First -- The Other Planets Later".

One of the most heart-breaking pictures I have ever seen is of about thirty lumbermen all standing on the stump of a single redwood or sequoia. They are so proud of having killed a living thing that was around when Jesus was still pooping his pants. Two millennia is a lot of living; how many more might it have seen? What is lacking in us that we wouldn't honor and cherish such a thing? Philosophy matters. 'Old-growth' felling goes on apace.

Trees seem somehow so special -- so old and peaceful. And I confess to having hugged more than a few. And not only that, but since I am making confessions, I've hugged a few rocks, as well. A big granite boulder, warmed by the sun, as old as earth, so definitely there.... Try it, you'll like it.

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  1. I'll try this on my next walk. There are some very nice trees and rocks in British Columbia!


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