Saturday, March 26, 2011

What's At Stake Here?

What's At Stake Here?
by Scott Bradley

Does it really matter one way or the other how we choose to go about this spiritual quest — if we bother to do so at all? What is it exactly that we hope to gain? Salvation? Do we need to be saved? From what do we need to be saved? Is there anything to save?

Does any of this really matter all that much? What’s at stake here?

I honestly cannot see any benefit in this quest beyond the temporal pleasure of happiness. And happiness is a treat, to be sure, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with eternal verities. It’s nothing to get over-wrought about.

This having been said, I add that there is immense freedom and joy lurking right here. Laying down the burden of seriousness we are weightlessly free to wander. Indeed, this is to wander.

All is well. We can entrust ourselves to this wonderful Mystery. We need not contend and strive. Liberation is simply this. So it seems to me.

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  1. Most of us are seeking meaning in our apparent finitude in the face of infinitude. And the seeking is the meaning.


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