Friday, March 18, 2011

Expose Yourself

Expose Yourself
by Scott Bradley

When I was a Christian I would recommend to other Christians that they see two documentaries. One was of an Appalachian snake-handler revival meeting. (“You shall lift up serpents and they shall not harm you.”) The preacher gets bitten by a rattlesnake and things take a bad turn.

The other film is about Marjoe, a Christian healer since he was a mere sprout. He teaches a film crew how to behave themselves, and then they record his farcical antics — healing, slaying in the Spirit...the usual hysterics — while he laughs and jokes behind the scenes.

Why would I have recommended this? It seemed like a good reality check.

To those who today dabble in ‘cooler’ forms of spirituality I would recommend exposing oneself to the New Age section of one’s local bookstore — the subsections and titles should be enough. What is to learn? I guess that would depend on you.

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  1. There is silly false spirituality everywhere. (But that doesn't negate the spirit or invalidate our search for meaning.)

    I was on a retreat a few years ago with a woman who had pictures of whales with whom she had swum ("Look at the love in their eyes!"); believed that Mary Magdalene was 630 years old because this information had been "channeled" to someone who in turn told her; had personal relationships with Kuan Yin and Madam Pele, and kept finding "orbs" in her night-time digital photos.

    "There's a seeker born every minute!" :


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