Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Fricking Franchise

Last year, I wrote a series that featured one verse of the Tao Te Ching (TTC) each day. That series featured my own observations plus a multitude of print and internet sources. During late spring into the summer of this year, I featured a second series on the TTC called Other Voices. Unlike the previous series, this one solely featured the insights and observations of others.

I am now conducting a third series on the TTC, Line by Line. My best estimation is that this series will conclude near the end of 2011 or the first few months of 2012.

What then?

Well, I was thinking that I could author a 4th series on the TTC that goes word by word! That would keep me going on this same topic for, I'm guessing, a decade or so.

If I'm still kicking and halfway sentient, I could follow that up with a 5th series that goes syllable by syllable. Of course, that series would probably take SEVERAL decades to complete.

Hmm. Maybe I should investigate Religious Taoism's formulas on immortality. :-D


  1. I have to protest! Why don't you look for letter by letter afterwards?

  2. Great idea! I can write on this one book until the dawn of the next century.

  3. It would only be productive drilling down to the "word-by-word" level if you were considering Chinese characters (at least at the same time)...which would pretty much be syllable-by-syllable.

    You might consider learning classical Chinese as a means to attain immortality!

    Get that Jonathan Star book!


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