Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Real Life Tao - That Flow Thingy

Tonight, as I was working on setting up the draft posts for the next 15 or so Line by Line entries, my ISP decided to quit working. I was in the middle of laying down the lines somewhere in Verse 5 when, out of the blue, the autosave function for blogger indicated that a connection couldn't be made. I quickly glanced at my external modem and, since all of the applicable lights were on, I knew it was an ISP problem.

Now, if I was more adept at going with the flow, I probably would have gotten out of my chair to go do something else. I did not do this, however. I tried to busy myself with some other computer work, but, to be perfectly frank, it bugged the hell out of me that I had been interrupted!

I do realize this represents one of my more galling autistic traits. When I get focused on a project, I do not deal well with interruptions. I get in a certain rhythm and I just hate it when something knocks me off of my stride. Even when there are barriers outside of my control, I frantically try to find some way around them. All this tends to do is to get me very frustrated.

Fortunately, the ISP problem resolved itself within an hour. This has allowed me to peck out this post. I'm relieved, but still a bit agitated. I'm pleased the stream is flowing again, yet I'm still a bit discombobulated because I had to take my canoe out of the water.

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  1. Hi RT, I know what you mean. When I am middle of something I hate to be interrupted too. Especially when writing lenghty posts.

    When ever I need to write something online I try to remind myself to first write it offline in a texteditor and then post it online on a forum/blog/whatever.

    Unfortunately I usually forget this with the result that I can start over again after a dropped line, ISP issues or the software is buggy.



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