Friday, September 3, 2010

The American Theocracy - Transgenderism

In the new American theocracy, transgenderism won't even be a concept! It won't be discussed -- even in hushed tones -- and it certainly won't be an available option. Since it is viewed by fundamentalists as part of the e-v-i-l "gay agenda," it, like homosexuality, will be stamped out at all costs!

The reason should be more than obvious. God, in his divine wisdom, created humans as male and female. Transgenderism advocates the idea that God made a boo boo and we all know that, in the Evangelical mind, this represents an impossibility. Consequently, if a person believes they were born into the wrong body, the person has a spiritual mental health problem.

Intensive Christian counseling (prayer) will be the order of the day. If that doesn't work -- if Satan simply refuses to let go of the hapless victim's soul -- I can easily envision people being locked up in institutions akin to asylums.

Look, if some people refuse to let go of their transgender "delusions," the new American theocracy simply can't let them roam the country. They might infect the minds of young children! If they aren't cordoned off from society, some people may get the idea that transgenderism isn't so e-v-i-l after all and this could represent the first step toward the undoing of the theocracy itself!

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!!

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  1. Will you be discussing environmentalism/creation care in a future American Theocracy post?


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