Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Will Not Listen to Reason

Don't know why, but this video reminds me a lot of Fox News!


  1. i was taught creationism as science when i was in school. (i was homeschooled.) and this is pretty much spot on when it comes to the arguments presented by creationists. (the creationist in the video is a little more annoying than they are in real life, but not by much) the whole creationism argument is a straw-man argument, and not based on science at all. by the time i was a senior in high school, i was beginning to become disillusioned by creationist propaganda, but unfortunately it wasn't in time to receive a correct education. i had to teach myself the basic principles of evolution, since it was never taught to me in school. but it's very easy to believe in creationism when you are taught nothing else, because it sounds convincing when the authorities are giving you a false impression of how evolution actually works!

  2. I went to a public school in which creationism was never even mentioned. I thank Mother Nature for that!


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