Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The American Theocracy - Phase Two

When I first set off on this little rollicking adventure, my objective was modest. As I wrote in the introductory post, this brief series "will have 10 parts beyond this introduction and will span no more than 3 days." However, as I wrote an entry for each commandment, it dawned on me that I was letting off the fundamental right far too easy! Their movement has opinions on just about every major issue of our times as well as many issues of their own making.

So, Phase 2 of this series will take a look at where they stand on a myriad of topics. Posts most likely will not appear as frequently because, while I intend to maintain my tongue-in-cheek approach, I actually will be conducting a bit of research in order that I can quote and paraphrase their positions more accurately. Satire only works when what you're poking fun at contains a semblance of truth.

If any of you would like to take a run at an issue from the standpoint of the American Theocracy, drop me a note.

As with almost everything else on this blog, what I (or a guest columnist) will present merely is one person's opinion. Please don't take it as anything more than that. There will be times in which many of you may strongly agree with my stated points. However, just as often, you may think I've missed the mark entirely. Either perspective or a combination of the two comes with the territory.

While my approach will seem whimsical, humorous, melodramatic and/or oversimplified at times, my intent underlying this satire is serious: A theocratic America is to be resisted!

If you're interested in reading more from this tongue-in-cheek series, go to the The American Theocracy Index page.


  1. My bone with the religious right is that they're not sincerely god led at all.

    They're using religion to keep the rich rich. They're demagogues taking advantage of the masses' ignorance to manipulate them into following their agenda and keep them oppressed.

    There, I said it.


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