Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spotlight on Ta Wan

Normally, when I write one of these spotlight posts, the name of the blog itself goes into the title. In this case, however, I used the blogger's moniker. Why the difference? Well, the English bloke (by way of Australia) Ta Wan has not one but three blogs dedicated to philosophical Taoism: Tao Wow, Daily Cup of Tao, and Meaning of the Tao Te Ching. It's a virtual Taoist empire!!

Maybe each one reflects a bit of his personality, but all three are gems in their own right. The chief blog is Tao Wow. His brief intro reads:
Simplify yourself, then forget you did it. Be in balance and not know it. Have the truth but not own it.
On Tao Wow, you can read his musings on a variety of topics and participate in many a thought experiment. Recent titles include Errors Made at Reincarnation, Enlightenment of the Selfish I, My Death and We Think in Time and Space - Not Live in Time and Space.

The Meaning of the Tao Te Ching offers brief comments and insights on each of the 81 verses. You will be reading a few of these in the Daodejing - Other Voices series on this blog.

Daily Cup of Tao is an interesting and fun experiment. Ta Wan wrote 365ish random and whimsical snippets to be posted one per day for a year; it runs through the end of this November. In just a few scant words, he often captures the very essence of the Taoist philosophy. Though monopolizing very little space on the screen, each day's prose provides the reader with A LOT to think about. Here's a sampling:
Greed is infinitely empty. Unfulfillable.

When desire opposes the situation then conflict appears.

When conflict comes and you feel the need to act, it is better to draw to the root and use your infinite being to neutralize the situation. Allow it to pass.

As reacting just passes the event on to another, perhaps to many, you'd be better to be wise and strong here, than depend on another to neutralize it later.

The only thing you can alter about the world is your attitude towards it.

The only thing you can change is the way you see it.

Oh? No one told me that
It turned out all along that water buffalo were in charge of philosophy and man was on cake duty.
What we have here is a stream-of-consciousness type of person. Let his stream flow through you. It flows through me several times per day!

This post is part of a series. For an introduction, go here.

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