Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blog Spotlight

Periodically, as I add new links to the various sections of the right sidebar, I announce the additions in an ongoing series entitled, Voices Along the Path. The posts in that series offer you, the reader, a bit of background about the links added. While I will continue to add to that series, from time to time, I'm going to start a new one, Spotlight, which will focus on one specific blog per post.

As I've written here many, many times before, there is no definitive definition of philosophical Taoism. As we each must ply our own paths in life, we must also write our own definitions. What you see here on this blog are my definitions. No more. No less.

To help each of us along on our own individual journeys, it can be helpful to read of the journeys of others. While I'm thankful that you have chosen to treat this blog as one of your way stations, I urge you to drop by other way stations as well.

To this end, later today I will post the first of my installments in the Spotlight series. The first way station we will look at it is Roshi Hogan's Pure Mountain Tao.

You can checkout all the blogs that have been spotlighted here.

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