Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Too Big for Your Britches

Not a day (maybe an hour) goes by when some fellow is not ordering one of those dubious products that promises a certain degree of male enhancement. While a lot of people decry that this longing (ooh, a pun!) is borne from our oversexed society, it seems that many civilizations have valued larger packages. I guess most people believe that the larger the organ, the more beautiful the music!

So, the following news story from Reuters should shock no one's sensibilities.
Police barred from penis enlargement
Forget about getting a job as a police officer in Indonesia's Papua if you have had your penis enlarged. You won't get it, according to local media reports citing the Papua police chief.

An applicant "will be asked whether or not his vital organ has been enlarged," said Papua police chief Bekto Suprapto, quoted on local website

"If he has, he will be considered unfit to join the police or the military."

The ban was applied since the unnatural size causes "hindrance during training," said police spokesman Zainuri Lubis in Jakarta, quoted by news portal
Hindering training? What are they doing? Add your own joke here!!!

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