Friday, April 30, 2010

Spotlight on Christian Taoism

If you ever take a look in my left sidebar at "Blog posts that I recommend!", the link takes you to my Tumblr blog. The sole purpose of said blog is to showcase what other people are writing. While there are a wide variety of posts from numerous blogs, there are two that come from a direct RSS feed. One of those two is Christian Taoism by H. K. Stewart from my old stomping grounds in Arkansas.

Here's how HK describes his blog:
This blog looks at what happens when you rub "Love thy neighbor" and Taoism together -- and other spiritual traditions. Weaving different spiritual threads into a new religious cloth isn't my goal, though. I'm more interested in exploring ways to make a world where Christianity and Taoism [and Judaism and Hinduism and Islam and Buddhism and Atheism and, and, and] can live next to each other in relative peace -- even inside the same skull. We can put humans on the moon and bring them safely home again, so why shouldn't we be able to get along with each other -- at least across a picnic table? After all, we're all connected. We arose from [the Tao, God, Yahweh, Allah, Higher Power, the Great Because -- pick a label], and we'll return to it. In it, through it, we are all one. My trip to the moon and back.
One of the reasons Christian Taoism is in my regular rotation of blogs that I check daily is HK's exquisite talent for fusing interesting and intriguing photographs with his poetic insights in each blog post. And let me tell you, these aren't your everyday run-of-the-mill photos either! While many of the pictures may be of things you or I routinely see, the camera angles and aperture settings offer a view we may not tend to notice.

Here's a sampling of some of his written posts from the past week or so. You'll have to visit his blog to see the photo married to each post. I sincerely hope you make the trip!!
The Horizon as a Reminder
The horizon is
always with us,
even when it
cannot be seen.

Flat, jagged,
or barely arched,
it is a constant reminder
of what is forever
beyond our reach.

Seven Rivers
Seven rivers flow through our lives.

First is the river of family.
Second is the river of discovery.
Third is the river of equals.
Fourth is the river of desire.
Fifth is the river of adversity.
Sixth is the river of grief.
Seventh is the river of wisdom.

Keeping Secrets
Secrets separate us from one another.
Sometimes that is good. Sometimes not.
Depends on the secret and why we're keeping it.
This post is part of a series. For an introduction, go here.

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