Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Rose By Any Other Name

Before we leave behind the subject of poop -- I sure hope no one accidentally steps in it -- I thought it would interesting to explore some of the wide variety of euphemisms we human's employ to avoid a direct description of this sometimes daily event. If you happen to have a few questions about turds and the process of producing them that you've been afraid to ask, I found an interesting site called!

When I was growing up, the most common euphemism I used was to refer to the act of defecation as doing number two. I've often wondered why urination claims the top spot and defecation plays second fiddle. I suppose it's because the former occurs more frequently, though the latter can be much more of a relief!

In doing a very quick Google search, I found three different sites (A, B & C) that list a long litany of terms and phrases used to signify this basic bodily function. I will list a few of them for your enjoyment and I encourage you to add to the list in the comments section.

I'm fairly certain Chuang Tzu would get a hoot out of this post!! He'd read it, laugh, fart and then go about his day. :>)
  • Bake a brownie
  • Catching up on some reading
  • Chop a log
  • Conducting a movement
  • Do the Royal Squat
  • Drop the kids off at the lake
  • Dropping a stool
  • Filling the peanut butter jar
  • Launching a corn canoe
  • Lay a brick
  • Make a deposit at the porcelain bank
  • Make room for lunch
  • Making some fertilizer
  • Play at the Toilet Bowl
  • Sink the Bismark
  • Sit on the throne
  • Squeeze a loaf
  • Stocking the pond with brown trout
  • Taking a shit


  1. I have heard comments after the event. One great one being "I think I had better call the coast guard and have them put a shipping warning out"

  2. and one of my personal favourites for work;

    "fill out a job satisfaction report"

  3. I'm getting a good laugh from this poo page

  4. Both of those are too funny!! Ta-Wan, I should warn you that, if you laugh too hard, you may poo your pants. :D

  5. And who would guess there is a song in honor of colo-rectal surgeons!


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