Friday, December 25, 2009

New Voices Along the Path XI

Here are some recent links added to the right sidebar in the "Taoist Wanderers" section.

Aspiring Taoist
I’m not a Taoist, but I aspire to be one — to approach life as a Taoist approaches life. I’d love to be able to deal with the craziness of life, its ups and downs, its stresses and demands, and still maintain a sense of inner serenity, relaxation, quiet, tranquility. I live a hectic life, with a terrific wife (Good Enough Mom, GEM) and 2 wonderful, very young sons, and a very demanding job, and constant busyness, emails, deadlines, rushing, time crunches etc….like many people in America….at least those lucky enough to have a job.

Daily Tao
The Tao Te Ching was written some 2,500 years ago by a man named Lao Tzu. It is one of the oldest texts still in existence and certainly one of the wisest. Its wisdom is timeless and its message is as relevant and important now as it was back then - if not moreso. It is vital that we learn to come back into balance with the natural world, to live in a more harmonious and selfless way...and the Tao Te Ching beautifully instructs us in bringing ourselves and our lives into alignment with the 'Tao'.

Finding the Li
A few years back, I began working on my first novel, Requiem of the Human Soul, which was published early in 2009 by Libros Libertad. I wanted to write about where I saw our world going, and what it means for our human soul. Not the Judeo-Christian immortal soul, but the kind we mean when we say: “That’s got soul, man.” I wanted to explore how genetic engineering may put the final nail in the coffin that Western civilization’s been building around our soul for the past 500 years. I tried to make the story believable – not some angst-ridden dystopia, but a realistic view of our future may hold for our species.

How to Win Without Fighting
A wise man once said "When trouble is solved before it forms, who calls that clever? When there is victory without battle, who talks about bravery. How to Win Without Fighting is a posting of Taoist based strategic management strategies mixed with Urban street sense designed to assist individuals and organizations in winning while avoiding the stress of conflict.

Tao Are You?
Taoist Thoughts, Poetry, Artwork, Guidance.

Tao Manor
Tao Manor is a place on the Web where you can read about Taoism (especially philosophical Taoism) and find places to meet Taoists and read even more.

Tao Te(a)Ching
Wit and Erudition? I think you've got the wrong number.

The Jade Cove
Taoist writings and realizations.

Zen and Taoism
I feel drawn towards Eastern philosophy, art, architecture, food and martial arts. I am exploring Zen Buddhism and Taoism at the moment. I'll be writing in this blog about the books I read, CDs I listen to and DVDs or programmes that I watch. I hope it's of interest to other people.

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