Friday, December 25, 2009

Can't Get It Out of My Head

For much of the western world, today is a very special day. Children probably were up at the break of dawn to rush to see what presents they have under the Christmas tree. Relatives will get together to share a meal and some carols. Some will trot off to church.

At our house, it's a typical Friday, except all the stores are closed and that means no trip to the grocery store! It's a good thing that today is not a special day for us because I've caught a really bad head cold. No one likes to be laid up on a special day. (I hope this runs its course by the middle of next week as I am scheduled for oral surgery on Jan. 5. If I haven't gotten much better by this time next week, I'll have to reschedule. Arghh!)

When I was younger, I used to catch at least one cold every winter. However, this is the first cold I've had in I don't know how long -- maybe 10 years or more. I hope I don't catch another one for a long time.

My posting frequency has slowed down and probably will remain so until my head clears a bit. I'm having a lot of vertigo issues because, about once every hour, I have violent sneezes and each one seems to throw my equilibrium out of whack.

So, if you celebrate today, have fun. I'm going to be huddled in bed most of the day. :(


  1. I'm sorry you are feeling poorly. Since I think the meaning of this "special day" is to reaffirm our feeling of good will towards men, I wish you well, and good health.

    This does not have to be a religious Christian moment; it is the few days post-solstice when yang is rising and you KNOW can measure it.

    Personally, last night I watched "Polar Express" (a charming baby-boomer Christmas reminiscence), and this morning I am listening to music which takes me back to very warm moments in my childhood, after exchanging some gifts with my beloved to show that we care about each other...such personal gifts, who else would trouble to give them.

    My "Christmas" cactus have just begun to bloom..such magic.

    It IS a special day. Although, I remember a very special Christmas holiday in Vermont when I had the flu...I actually enjoyed it. Huddled in bed can be a very pleasant thing really.

  2. I agree that huddling in bed CAN be a pleasant experience...though not so much so when one feels like crap. ;) (So far this evening, I feel like I've made a tad of an improvement.)


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